Alternative roofing systems

I would like to open up the mind here and have you consider building a sustainable roof out of strawbales, timber and soil. That is, a sod, turf or straw roof. We can classify these as living roofs. We usually pay far less attention to the finishing of a roof, yet there are traditional methods that have been around for centuries that we ignore, either because they are too time consuming or simply because the local codes fail to recognise them.

The main problem with sod roofs is that they are too heavy and require expensive roof members to support the weight. Archi-Bio of Quebec, Canada have developed a living roof which weighs around 100120 pounds per square foot, which can also be subject to snow loads of 4060 pounds per square foot. This roof system uses light-weight strawbales as opposed to heavy sod material.


The hut

The frame

Reciprocal roof

From above


From below



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